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The Shoreline is teeming with know-how and talent. This far from a major urban center, it is what it takes to carve out an existence as an information worker, consulting remotely or running a business alongside the sophisticated operation that is a family. And because demand for services fluctuates while fixed costs do not, leasing an office and committing resources for extended periods of time can seem like a risky proposition.

The home office entered the public consciousness a few decades ago, but it was only in recent years, with the rapid proliferation of self-employment, that it became emblematic of the “creative class” of professionals trading corporate careers for entrepreneurism. Working at home, it seemed, was the solution. Except that your daily commute can be too short.

As individuals found satisfaction and success on their own, coworking emerged as a way to facilitate an exchange among freelancers, sole proprietors and small businesses in an environment designed for work with a built-in option of collaboration and synergy, pooling resources and sharing contacts.

Providing communal office space with shared facilities, round-the-clock access and private meeting areas, coworking aims for the golden mean between two imperfect setups and grows organically with its members, perpetually adapting to their needs. As a global phenomenon, it has an impressive track record of guiding the self-employed to greater efficiency through acquired business practices and focus.

The productive mind is a beautiful thing but it needs a sanctuary to thrive, a safe place free from the clutter of everyday life. Guilford Coworking is hoping to become that sanctuary for Connecticut’s Shoreline and invites you to find out the difference for yourself.

-Christian Brachvogel