Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is “Coworking?”

It simply means you share an office with people you don’t work with. For a detailed description, visit Wikipedia’s “Coworking” entry here.

How does it work?

You walk in with your laptop, log on to our network and get busy. It’s pretty straight forward, but if you need help, just ask one of our members or call Christian at 917 428 5905. Payment for the membership plan you select is made by PayPal or check. That’s it, you’re good to go. Your membership comes with an access code so you can let yourself in and out. Nuestra casa es su casa.

Who are your members?

Connecticut’s Shoreline is full of consultants, freelancers and “solopreneurs,” and so are we. Anyone who might be working at home, at the library or the coffee shop is likely to find that coworking occupies the golden mean between the home office and a private commercial space. The same is true for small start-ups. For Christian’s perspective on coworking in these parts, click here.

Are there any rules?

People sometimes ask about coworking etiquette, and the answer is simple. Behave as you would like the people around you to behave. Call it Kant’s categorical imperative lite. Calls are ok so long as they don’t bother anyone. Clean up after yourself. Treat the space and its occupants with respect. Common sense rules, if you will.

Do you have private offices?

We have two private offices, which have been leased until further notice. However, there are three other distinct areas, so privacy should not be an issue.

Is your space available for private or public events?

Yes, but only for members. Ask Christian about rates and how we can help at or 917 428 5905.

Can I, as a non-member, rent the meeting room?

Provided that it’s not spoken for by one of our members, yes, our meeting room and other facilities are available for rent by the day. Ask Christian about rates and how we can help at or 917 428 5905.

What amenities and services do you offer?

Aside from “break-out spaces” for private calls and meetings, we are thrilled to have a high-quality color laser printer that is as pretty as it is easy to use: You simply attach your document to an email and send it off to an address we provide. In addition, our meeting room comes with a dry-erase (or white) board for presentations, and there’s a Keurig coffee maker in our kitchenette. More amenities will be added based on member consensus.

Is there any storage?

Yes, we have some lockers you can hang a padlock on, and there are file cabinets for papers and other supplies that are available to members.

How do I stay caffeinated?

Unlimited in-house coffee is included with your membership.

What are your opening hours?

We are open whenever you are ready for work: As a member, you have your own access code and come and go as you please. If you are interested in giving Guilford Coworking a try, call Christian at 917 428 5905 to set a time to tour the space and go over your options.

How about parking?

We are fortunate in that parking around here is both plentiful and free. If the lot adjacent to 96 Broad Street is full, you can typically find street parking on or near the Green.